“For man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.”

1 Samuel 16:7

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This site is meant for you - the reader. Download two Jesus Christ drawings and print them as free gifts for yourself, or anyone. I hope my sketches and testimony convey the inspiration and peace I experienced over 4 decades ago. I have given many away over the years. Now it is your turn to share them.

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Crown of Thorns

Who am I?

We all are born to answer that question for ourselves. Ever ask yourself, am I more than what I see? Is there a God? Am I a mistake? Growing up, we moved around a lot. I had plenty of alone time to ponder those questions, search the scriptures, and pray. This simple approach helped me be more aware of His hand in my life. An example from my early teens...

One Saturday morning while sleeping, I had an odd dream. As I turned my dirt bike down the long straight road to my buddy's house, a policeman suddenly stepped out of the woods and stopped me. He sternly said it was against the law to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. I felt alarmed and promised to wear it. He let me off with just a warning. Then I woke up.

I finished my saturday morning chores and was about to head out when I looked over at my dusty motorcycle helmet balanced on my football. I never wore it. I still felt the dream weighing on me so I put it on. And as I turned down the same long straight road to my buddy's house, I saw no police and thought - silly dream. So I gunned the throttle like I always did. At the halfway point, a huge Cadillac backed out on the same side the dream policeman did. I thought if I went fast enough I could get around it. I was wrong. As the car took up the entire road, I leaned back from the dirt bike and flew full speed into the rocky drainage ditch several feet below.

I felt like a ragdoll bouncing along the granite rocks. The elderly lady driving the car yelled out "Are you ok?" I waved and she sped off. My nose was bleeding and a couple bones were sore - but that was all. I took off my helmet and saw deep scrapes and a huge hole in the back of it. The hole went through my helmet well into the styrofoam. That would have been my skull. I wheeled my dirt bike over to my buddy's house, cleaned up everything, and downplayed the whole incident to my parents. Some may have written this dream off as my imagination. To me, it was a REAL message that saved my life.

However, my most pivotal childhood moment was simply during a prayer. I was on my knees sobbing heartbroken and feeling misunderstood as kids do. After a while, I distinctly felt a flood of peace and light from head to toe. Something I will never forget and so started my personal testimony. A loving touch that eased my burden and gave me hope.

At 17, I wanted to prepare to go on a mission and share the Gospel of Christ. That God wants ALL to return to His warm embrace. Preaching by itself rarely converts people, but humble personal prayer and scripture study does. It is when we feel God's peaceful spirit touch our lives directly that we gain a testimony of Him. I continued to pray and search the scriptures, mainly focusing on The Atonement of Jesus Christ. The greatest Gift ever given. I needed to draw what I felt.

While drawing, I turned off my normal music and prayerfully listened to classical hymns. The Hallelujah Chorus sounded like countless angels. I drew Jesus with a strong neck as He was not weak. He is looking up - they know not what they do. Blood into tears for physical and spiritual sacrifice. A bruised forehead from when he fell carrying the cross. His beaten swollen cheeks. My Crown of Thorns sketch is not a picture of defeat, but of immense inner strength and love for us.

So who am I? I am not perfect and make many "learning" mistakes. I am NOT a mistake. I am a child of God who is grateful for all I have been given. I am a believer in the healing Atonement of Jesus Christ and His Gospel. I am a good person that asks for forgiveness every day. I am nothing without our Father in Heaven.

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Lord Looketh

Knowing who you are is the journey.

At 19, I finally ended up in Hong Kong on my mission. I would sometimes hand out my Crown of Thorns sketch after our Gospel discussions. My first assignment was the new territories bordering China. It was a rural countryside dotted with creative ways to find food and shelter. One evening walking along a small plank bridge, we saw a man carrying a stick. As we got closer, it turned out to be a live cobra from his hut. At another home, I had to stop our conversation and point out a spider bigger than my open hand in a web above her head. She just laughed and we continued our Gospel discussion.

After 6 months in the new territories, I served in the Kowloon mission home office. During the day I created open house & street displays for all Hong Kong missionaries. In the evenings I would go out and teach. At one open house, I was called upstairs to pray for and help someone in deep anguish. This man got enticed into worshipping the dark side for promised power. In that situation, we showed him a picture of the Nativity and in the name of Jesus Christ commanded the demon to leave him. He was instantly at peace. The power of Jesus Christ's name and image can do wonders at ANY time in your life. Even thinking "In the name of Jesus Christ..." calms your negative emotions. Try it and see.

The frantic rage and writhing anguish that man felt was real hell. No matter how the devil markets false promises of power and happiness through self-doubt, I saw first hand what he actually has in store for his followers. Remember, darkness can NEVER put thoughts in your head or control you against your will. They can only listen and magnify the dark thoughts YOU CHOOSE to dwell on or accept. They petition trials against you based on your choices, but you ALWAYS have freedom to think and choose for yourself - from the moment you came to be!

Where do you live in your head? Start focusing on the GOOD in your life right now, no matter how small. Learn from your mistakes and move forward. When you focus on positive self-truths daily, you stop worrying... and anxiety is forgotten. If stuck, remove distractions and make a drastic change for Good. Peace and happiness are only a thought away, but takes time to refocus your subconscious. Believe in yourself and God, and you WILL do great things.

After my mission, I wanted to redraw Jesus. I said a prayer and blindly sketched the Lord Looketh picture from my heart. I wanted to capture that Christ knows each one of us personally. He is the Only Begotten Son of God. And so empowered, has felt our deepest anguish and paid for EACH of our sins. His love is pure empathy and forgiveness. He lights our journey's path back home. This was the last sketch I felt inspired to draw.

Again, knowing who you are is THE journey! Go to the Source of Truth and humbly ask your Father directly in Jesus Christ's name "Who am I?" From there, be aware of His hand in any of your daily activities. It is not your imagination or a happy coincidence. You WILL receive moments of inspiration that, if you follow, can someday even save your life.

May God bless and protect you on your journey. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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Some kind words...

Over the years, I have appreciated hearing from those inspired by the drawings. Visit my new Inspiration Library to read more about how God can inspire us.

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Brett Snyder

We are ALL children of God. He knows and loves each of us - EVEN if you don't feel worthy. Rise up! He sent you here to learn sorrow and joy. To discover true happiness and peace. He even sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to pave your way home. God has ALREADY helped you in many aspects of your life, with more blessings in store as you look to Him.

If life ever feels EMPTY, try this: Clear the mental chaos from your day, be awake, be still, and humbly pray to your loving Heavenly Father. While praying, speak or think clearly, with heartfelt intention. EVERY rightous petition is recorded and planned out by His Will. End with "In Jesus Christ's Name, Amen" to send it. Keep a prayer in your heart daily and you will become aware of His Hand in your life. Mighty miracles happen even with the smallest belief in God, many times through other people. He is ALWAYS listening and with you. Just ask.

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